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I'm a runner, health nerd, soon-to-be triathlete, former journo, social media geek, sports lover and Terps fan. I write a running blog that's all about running, health and fitness and making it all fun. Here I'll share a little bit of all the stuff I love.
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Perks of working from home…easy to RICE my knee injury.

This text message. Great start to a Monday morning or greatest start to a Monday morning.

Serious bye week blues over here. H/t to Eagles snapchat for the photo.

Starbucks and textbooks. Sunday morning MBA-livin. #mbalife

Just your typical monsoon in the courtyard.


I’m fairly certain that Type-A, high strung thing is hereditary from my momma.

Dinner and class. Thursday night #mbalife

Twins’ first tailgate! #GoTerps #BeatOSU.